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Video Interpretations, LLC (VI) is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology
that allows on-demand access to qualified interpreters via video. 
Our innovative system allows any computer with a high-speed internet

      connection, a webcam and a microphone to access our interpreters.
  • Innovative software that is easy-to-use
  • Competitive rates in the industry
  • Decrease interpreting costs
  • Instant access to specialized ASL & foreign language interpreters
  • Secure & encrypted communication for HIPAA compliance
  • Complies with state & federal regulations
  • Reduce hassles from on-site interpretation and increase efficiency


60% of the cost of on-site interpreters is based on travel expenses and waiting time.  With VI's on-demand access to interpreters, your organization can benefit from the cost savings.


80% of a person's communciation consists of body language.  This type of nonverbal communication includes body posture, gestures, facial expressions, and eye movements.


VI's system enhances communication between patients and providers by allowing them to read each other's body language.



"Professional interpreters can mean the difference between life and death."


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Video Interpreting in Law Enforcement

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