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Our video interpretation services are

Video Interpretations, LLC is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology that allows on-demand access to qualified interpreters via video.  Our innovative system allows any computer with a high-speed internet connection to access our interpreters.


  There is no need for expensive equipment and there are
no licensing fees associated with our services.


Video Interpretations, LLC decreases interpreting costs by eliminating unnecessary waiting time charges.  Providers are only charged for the actual time they are connected to the system. 


Our system provides on-demand access to an interpreter
in a matter of seconds!


All you need is a computer with a webcam, a microphone and high-speed internet.

Cost Savings

  • Cost effective system
  • Reduce costs from on-site interpreters
  • No waiting time charges
  • No travel time charges
  • Competitive interpretation rates
  • No expensive equipment needed
  • No licensing fees


Improved Efficiency

  • Easy to Use
  • On-demand access to interpreters
  • Accessible from any computer
  • Reduce hassles associated with  on-site interpreters
  • Innovative software
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Improve compliance

Additional Advantages

  • Free technical support
    (setup & connectivity)
  • Secure & encrypted servers
    HIPAA compliant
  • Monthly reports available
  • Live Demos at no cost
  • Specialized interpreters





Video Interpretations, LLC offers high-quality written translation of documents for any industry.


Our translators are professional individuals that are bilingual and bicultural with a high level of education.


We can provide you with a FREE quote for any translation project.







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Joint Commission's Roadmap for Hospitals:


After applying the four-factor analysis, a hospital may determine that an effective LEP plan for its particular program or activity will include the translation of vital written materials into the language of each frequently encountered LEP group eligible to be served and/or likely to be affected by the hospital's program. Whether or not a document (or the information it solicits) is "vital" may depend on the importance of the program, information, encounter, or service involved, and the consequence to the LEP person if the information in question is not provided accurately or in a timely manner.


Vital written materials could include the following examples:


  • Informed consent
  • Complaint forms
  • Intake forms that may have clinical consequences
  • Notices advising LEP persons of free language assistance programs and services
  • Applications to participate in a hospital program or activity or to receive hospital benefits or services


Non-vital written materials could include the following examples:


  • Menus
  • Large documents such as enrollment handbooks (although vital information contained in large documents may need to be translated)
  • Third-party documents, forms or pamphlets distributed as a public service
  • General information about the program intended for informational purposes only


The languages spoken by the LEP individuals with whom the hospital has contact dertermine the languages into which vital documents should be translated.


This information was extracted directly from the Joint Commission's - Advancing Effective Communication, Cultural Competence, and Patient-and Family-Centered Care,
A Roadmap for Hospitals.


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